seeding the clouds

by whitesand/badlands

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"Seeding the Clouds" was recorded it in Duluth, MN with Eric Swanson in Sacred Heart Recording Studio (a 19th century cathedral converted into a recording studio which is where Low & Retribution Gospel Choir have recorded, among others). we mixed it in chicago, il in Mahjongg's home studio with Cooper Crain of CAVE manning the mixing board. it's the first release on our own imprint, Magnetic Ghost.


released July 10, 2010

holly habstritt - fender rhodes, piano, guitars, vocals, trumpet
casey holmgren - bass
ryan parsons - drums, saxophone
andy larson - guitars, vocals, drum, fender rhodes



all rights reserved


whitesand/badlands Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Angels on the Pinhead
we'll run the newspapers
into the ground
in real time
pack it in and thin the herd
condense the written word
so it's all la la la

why do we keep asking how many angels on the pin?

we'll buy the time in between
commercials get seen la la la
condense the noun and verb
pack it in and thin the herd
so it's all la la la
Track Name: witch hunting
a silhouette cardboard cutout pack of rats
a pack of rats, a boardroom dance
liquidate the asset stocks
the cayman accounts, the bank notes

the steak was coughed up onto the floor
blood on the carpet, blood on the carpet
we'll call in the shredding trucks
shredded paper trail, into the thin air

la la la la
Track Name: brandspeakeasy
catching information virus awareness sisyphus
total immersion
portable hand-held infotainment cluster honeycomb
copy and paste, yeah

compass directionless
wireless and distanceless

safe and secure server tucked in fiber optic figurehead
coming to get you
glowing data sheets with meet and greets, oh yeah
hacking inside

flash drive, hard drive, sing a little, sing a little
open up your minds' mind, show me where the data lies

compass directionless
wireless and distanceless

there was a rumor trying to keep digits of code from the company board
safe and sound
known unknowns, and what do the numbers say when the tuck you in?
safe and sound
Track Name: statue park
through a pane of glass
passport stamped without a wayward glance
stations' cavern lit
pigeons flit, where do it fit?

seems like it's hard to speak
the language of the people you meet

another couch to crash
soviet scars and underground bars
we'll ride the danube streets
we'll raise a glass

seems like it's hard to speak
the language of the people you meet

i saw so many faces
they showed me the hidden spaces
i was a lost brother
and i won't see them on the other

the other side of the world
Track Name: magician's hat
watch the hand
a magic act
i can nearly see the trick

slight of the hand
look away
i can nearly see the trick

suspend the disbelief
look the other way
takes the wallet
from your pocket

eyes and ears covered
covered up
seeings believing
can we buy in?

tiny paper houses
thrown into the sea
nothing for you
and nothing for me
yeah i see the bottom
of the magician's hat
it's dark and black
colored like an oil slick
the pig has gone to market
they say "don't buy in"

they say: "it can't be true", but i can see it for myself
Track Name: syntax trees
a moment without language
nose against the window screen
quaking leaves on the trees
it all fades

what i know
is buried beneath
a forest of syntax trees
over the bridge and through the hills
and it still haunts you

no more grass and rocks
in place concrete blocks
asphalt and white lines
all day in the confines

what i know
is buried beneath
a forest of syntax trees
over the bridge and through the hills
and it still haunts you

falling down is a virtue of what?
a slow ride, a question mark
we sit and watch the river run its' course
falling down is a virtue of what?
memory fades and do we forget?
instead we sit and worship it
we choose to forget
we remember one fact
there are places we never want to call home
Track Name: Sunburn
the sun burns down over the riverbed
the ground cracks---dries right out
a grease spot cloud hangs in the sky
horizon bigger than you and i
tried to divide the kingdom from the king
we are waiting for the sun to come, come right down again

and waiting
as the clock hands melt
alive inside
the sun burns right out
Track Name: thought leader
the nature of knowledge
the nurture of action
build wings by virtue

everyone must leave
something behind
when they die

so much in the visible world
horizontal rules
vertical actions

hide your ignorance
keep the sense of wonder
we are the miracle of force
Track Name: false prophets
it's all sinking in
the devil in the man
one hand washes the other
the blood spills

i've a brother
and the bills
he made a deal
the men in the hills

it's unholy
for the faithful
dirty fingernails
handfuls of dirt

he's a knife
blood made ice
sin and vice

he's a knife
shepard to the flock
but the gate is unlocked

like it's fate
like the son who waits
for the perfect time to betray
stupid and cruel
the fathers' a fool
the man flashed gold
and the secret was sold
Track Name: whale song
sleep in the rays
of radio waves
satellites twitch
flick of a switch

carbon and dirt
in the mother's milk
a ray of light
a thousand miles wide

la la la la

still i can hear it like whale song
sing until the ocean is gone